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Dog treats made with honey and banana

Homemade Honey Banana Dog Biscuits: Spoil Your Furrever Friends!

Some things come to be expected in our daily lives: the sun rises, the sun sets, and the dog mooches for snacks! Our furry friends mean everything to us, and that includes feeding them high quality foods. Between brand-name kibbles, changing ingredients, and rising prices, picking the right treat...
Flavoured meads in cranberry, raspberry, rhubarb, peach, hopped, and dry

Family Secret (Recipes): Mysteries of the Mead, Explained!

Family traditions run deep here at Ontario Honey Creations. Celebrating culture, pride, hard work and (secret) recipes keeps our products uniquely personal. Mead-making plays a large role in Polish culture, and has been practiced in our family for generations. Learn more about mead from our famil...
Creamed honey in lavender, lemon, plain, cinnamon, ginger, orange, strawberry, and cocoa

Charcuterie Shake-Up: Spread Love with Creamed Honeys!

Holidays are a time of warmth, generosity and family gatherings… but they can also be a source of stress. From work events, to family dinners, outings with friends, or small get-togethers; deciding what dish to bring can be overwhelming. Thankfully, our Creamed Honey products are here to help! Be...
Melomakarona or Greek Honey Cookies


You’re going to want to try these cookies. They’re traditionally called “Melomakarona” and are highly addictive. These Greek Christmas honey cookies are intricate but quick to bake, which is another reason I love them.Ingredients For the cookie 150g thin semolina (5.3 ounces) 500g flour (soft) ...