Ontario Honey Creations is a family owned and operated beekeeping business, specializing in seasonal terroir honey, artisanal honey vinegars, and Meads. Peter and I are dedicated to providing you with 100% raw and unpasteurized honey from our own bee yards located throughout the GTA. Current bee yard locations can be found throughout Toronto, Headwaters and Rouge Valley region. 

Our beekeeping experience began in 2012 when Peter decided to follow in the footsteps of three generations of beekeepers before him. We started with two hives and had the desire to expand our apiary. We began posting ads on a classified site for free honeybee swarm removal services. We were quickly amazed by the demand. As an alternative to calling an exterminator, we founded our sister company Toronto Bee Rescue, which focuses on humane honey bee removals.

Our beekeeping hobby grew quickly, and by 2015 we had 120 hives. It was at this point that I decided to leave corporate life behind and focus on building Ontario Honey Creations to share our delicious honey with all of you. By 2018, with over 400 hives, Peter left corporate life as well to transition to a full-time beekeeper. Since then, we have been dedicated to growing our apiaries and sharing our honey products with all of you! 

In 2020, we moved our family to our new farm in Mulmur on Airport Road where we quickly expanded with chickens, turkeys, and our beloved KuneKune pigs. In the summer of 2021, we finished construction on our on-farm honey house and retail space. We look forward to inviting you to our farm this summer so you can experience the art of beekeeping, learn more about honeybees and get to meet our adorable KuneKune pigs! 

- Sarah & Peter