Is your honey real?
Ontario Honey Creations is 100% pure terroir honey from our own honey bee hives. “Terroir” means that each harvest relies on the seasonal tastes and environment of the hives, which influences how the honey tastes (similar to how varietals of wine taste different region-to-region).
Where does your honey come from?
Our honey is all produced by our own honey bee hives throughout the GTA. The three main regions that we have our honey bee hives are Toronto, Headwaters Region, and Rouge Valley. Each seasonal terroir honey is listed on our website and there are a variety of tastes between the spring, summer and fall harvests. 
What does “raw” honey mean?
Raw or unpasteurized honey means that the harvest is left naturally, just as it exists within the honey bee hive, with all its natural enzymes, pollens and aromas. We leave the honey as is, only straining the product directly before bottling.  
Does your honey harden or crystallize? 
Yes, since our honey is raw and unpasteurized it will eventually crystalize. Crystallization is a completely natural process that honey goes through on its own. Honey is the only food that never spoils and crystallization only affects the consistency of the product. If you happen to prefer it liquid, gently warm up the jar of crystallized honey in hot water. 
What are the differences in taste between Spring, Summer and Fall Blossom Honeys?
Typically, the Spring Blossom honeys are more mild and delicate in flavour due to the different flowers in bloom throughout the Spring. Summer months bring more of the traditional honey taste of richness and sweetness. Fall Blossom (Sarah’s personal favourite!) has stronger flavour notes with more prominent floral aromas. We notice that our Fall Blossom honeys tend to crystallize slightly faster in comparison with other varietals, due to their nectar source being mainly goldenrod flowers.