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  1. Gift box with Honey Chai Tea, Beeswax Tealight Candles, Chai Honey Soap, Whiskey Smoked Honey, and Rouge Valley Spring Honey
  2. Mead gift set with Dry Mead and Cranberry Mead
  3. Mini gift set with Honey Favour, honey dipper, small beeswax candles, and mini soap.
  4. Grill Master Gift Box
  5. Headwaters Honey, Spring, Summer, and Fall Blossom.
  6. Gift box with Honey Vinegar, Plain Creamed Honey, and Summer Blossom Honey
  7. Box of 3 110g creamed honey - Plain, Lavender, & Ginger
  8. Seasonal Terroir Honey Pack
  9. Image of Ontario Honey Creations E-gift card with drawings of purple and pink flowers in the background.
  10. Wooden Charcuterie Board with Honeycomb and wooden dipper
  11. Honey Dipper
  12. Custom Engraved Wooden Honey Dipper
  13. Honey Vinegar Taster Pack

What Others Are Saying

  • I purchased 22 honey favours from here for my wedding favours station and they were a huge hit! It was the first item to run out!! I can't rave about this store enough, the quality of honey is amazing, the customer service top tier, and the turn around times were extremely quick! If you're looking to do honey favours 10/10 would recommend as they have the best quality and pricing!

    Siobhan Lau

  • Great selection of flavored honey. We love the creamy cinnamon and ginger. We also use their spicy honey a lot for cooking. The online order process is super simple and convenient. It always arrives on time and is well-packed.

    Dikla Sinai

  • We did both the beekeepers experience and the honey making experience and learned so much about bees. There is a lot of knowledge and information at this family owned farm. They also have a good variety of product at their store.

    Kathleen Robertson