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  • "My husband and I had such a great time on our Beekeeping tour. We learned so much and Peter and Sarah are so friendly and knowledgeable. We also got to see all the pigs and chickens, which was so enjoyable! We definitely did not come home empty handed, we got to sample some of their mead wine and newly launched honey seltzers while we were there. We took home a whole case of the seltzers and some bottles of the wine, we love it so much as well as various honey selections. I highly recommend booking a tour! You won't regret it!

    Alicia Mansillo

  • "We did both the beekeepers experience and the honey making experience and learned so much about bees. There is a lot of knowledge and information at this family owned farm. They also have a good variety of product at their store. PS if you pick one experience the beekeeper experience provided a lot of insight into the life of a bee."

    Kathleen Robertson

  • "Highly recommend the beekeeping tour! Took our 3 & 6 year olds and we had a fantastic time. Beekeeping suits for different sizes were great (even lots of kid sizes), we got to go open a couple hives, find the queen, hold a drone bee, and eat some fresh honeycomb after the tour that we took right from that hive! Thank you so much to all the incredible beekeepers that helped us gear up & show us around! Will definitely be back to load up on more honey goodies. We did a home taste test of the spring honey VS the fall honey, SUCH a difference in flavours that come through, it was really surprising but very interesting for the kids to try that too."

    Andrea Rideout