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What’s It Like To Be a Beekeeper?

What’s It Like To Be a Beekeeper?

| Sarah Allinson-Chorabik

It is a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining down on you as you zip up your beekeeping jacket, pull your veil over your head and light up your smoker. As you approach your hives you can hear the buzz of thousands of honeybees starting their day. You step into the frenzy but you are not scared, this is where you are most at peace. 

You quickly get to work, smoking the hive to calm the bees then crack it open to begin your inspection. It is important to monitor your hive to ensure a healthy colony. You check for new honey production, examine the eggs and larvae, and look for any signs of parasites or pests which can harm your bees. 

Some days you are harvesting honey, sometimes you are expanding the hive to allow more space for the bees, and some days everything is just as it should be. 

As you move on to the next hive, you begin to sweat as the sun rises higher in the sky. A curious worker bee lands on the mesh covering your face and you go cross-eyed trying to focus on her. A sudden breeze startles the bee and you get back to work caring for your hives. 

The only sound is the buzzing of the bees and the wind rustling through the treetops, the sweet scent of honey drifting through the air. 

Try It For Yourself

Our Beekeeping Experience allows you to peek into the world of honeybees and try beekeeping for yourself. Suit up in a beekeeping suit and head out to the hives with an experienced beekeeper to step into the buzzing frenzy of thousands of bees. Use the smoker, crack open the hive, and see what is happening on the inside. 

This once-in-a-lifetime experience allows you to connect with nature on a personal level as you learn the intricacies that make up the life of a honeybee. You will feel like a child again as you grasp the magnitude of the role honeybees play in our environment. 

Smell the sweet scent of honey wafting through the air as you watch worker bees return from gathering nectar and pollen. Watch the honeybees dance as they communicate where the best flowers are. 

There is so much to learn about these magnificent creatures. Sign up for a beekeeping experience and let us be your guide into the captivating world of honeybees.