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Produced by our bees located in the Headwaters Region of Ontario. Our specific bee yards in this region can be found throughout the towns of Caledon, Alton, Mono, Orangeville, Hockley Valley, and Mulmur.

The Spring Blossom Honey is made from the plants and flowers that are earliest to bloom throughout April to June. This honey is produced from a variety of different nectar sources including colt's foot, dandelion, and maple trees. It is has a mild delicate flavour that pairs well with cheeses and drizzled over fruit.

The Summer Blossom Honey is made from the various wildflowers in bloom throughout July and August. It is has a more familiar honey taste and is great to use as an everyday sweetener in coffee, tea or sugar replacement in baking. 

The Fall Blossom Honey is made from flowers in blossom from August to September. The main nectar source in this honey is Goldenrod, which contributes to a beautifully aromatic and floral tasting honey. Excellent in teas or spread on baked goods. 

Our honey is raw and unpasteurized and may be crystallized when ordered. If crystallized, just gently warm up in hot water to liquify. 

 **Please note that the 3kg plastic pails are only available for local porch drop off. We are unable to ship these at this time.**

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