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Planting for Pollinators 101: Ontario Honey Creations’ Spring Flower Recommendations

Planting for Pollinators 101: Ontario Honey Creations’ Spring Flower Recommendations

| Sarah Allinson-Chorabik

Spring time comes around in a much needed turn, as we all grow tired of snowy driveways and frosty windows. We start to hear birds and see the sun, and we notice new green growth around us. For Ontario Honey Creations, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! New seasons bring us into new harvests, and what better way to celebrate the bees than to plant friendly spring flowers!

On top of all of the inside spring cleaning, our backyards and side gardens need a refreshing touch! Planting for pollinators is growing more important every year, with honey bee numbers trending downward in Canada. These 10 flowers are known to attract honey bees and other pollinators and will certainly add some colour to any lush greenspace. 

  1. Lance-leaved Coreopsis: these low growing perennials bloom a beautiful golden yellow. They make a sunny addition to any garden.
  2. New England Asters: a diverse plant with over 50 different varieties and colours! Perfect for sunny spots, these flowers can grow taller than 1 metre!
  3. Dense Blazing Star: these flowers are best known in Eastern Canada, found in natural foliage. They are tall and a brilliant purple colour, making them a standout for all pollinators.
  4. Golden Tickseed/Calliopsis: this yellow and red blossomed flower was used to create rich dyes from its petals. They appreciate sunny spots with partial shade. 
  5. Sneezeweed: this plant lives to soak up the sun, and its warmth is reflected with its red and orange tones. Doctors once used this plant’s dried leaves to induce sneezing (as the name implies!). 
  6. Wild Chives: most are familiar with this plant as a herbal favourite! With edible stems for humans and pretty purple flowers for the honey bees, this plant also naturally repels unwanted bugs. 
  7. Red Raspberry: there is not much to say about this beloved plant - it’s tasty for us and the bees! Fruity rewards come with this juicy pollinator.
  8. Lavender Hyssop: this sweet-smelling plant will be fragrant all summer as it blooms. Bees love the purple buds and humans can enjoy the edible leaves - they taste just like liquorice!
  9. Prairie Crocus: many know this plant as Manitoba’s provincial flower. A low grower, this bright purple and blue petalled flower will spread out and multiply.
  10. Lowbush Blueberry: this true blue fruit grows best in acidic soil, particularly near pine trees. Another tasty pollinator plant for both humans and honey bees to enjoy! 

Brightening up your garden has never been easier. Plant pollinator-friendly flowers this spring and help honey bees buzz back! 

Check out this guide to learn more about honey bees and appropriate forage for pollinators.