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Honey Favours: The Timeless, Eco-Friendly Gift for Your Special Day

Honey Favours: The Timeless, Eco-Friendly Gift for Your Special Day

| Eranna Mirhashemi

With your special day coming up, finding the perfect wedding favours can be an overwhelming task. From picking floral arrangements to designing a refined menu, the little details add up. At Ontario Honey Creations, we’re happy to shoulder this responsibility and make your wedding favours an easy check on your checklist.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose honey favours to sweeten your special day:


1) Raw Honey Doesn’t Expire

Compared to other food-based favours, honey never expires! With proper storage away from direct sunlight and no cross-contamination, guests can enjoy your honey favours for years to come and be reminded of your sweet celebration in every spoonful.

2) Honey Isn’t a Niche Taste

Some wedding favours can be a hit or miss, keying in on specific interests that may not please all guests or be used at all! Honey is a substance that many people enjoy, and can be considered a “people pleaser” of sorts as a universally beloved treat, accommodating to all through its multifaceted nature.

3) Honey Has Multiple Uses

From culinary to skincare applications, honey is a pro at multi-tasking. Use honey as a natural sweetener for any dish, whether a touch to satisfy your sweet tooth or a decadent drizzle to go above and beyond. Outside of enhancing your next meal, honey is a great ingredient to include in face masks and hair masks, hosting antibacterial properties and antioxidants that help skin feel more radiant. Furthermore, honey has medicinal benefits, aiding the treatment of coughs and assisting in the healing of burns. 

4) You’re Supporting the Honeybee Population and Beekeepers

The dwindling population of honeybees has been a concern for years due to causes such as habitat destruction and drought. Honeybees play an essential role in pollinating the foods we eat every day, not to mention producing the golden goodness we love. Choosing honey favours for your special day helps support our honeybee population and the beekeepers who tend to them.

5) Our Range of Options Can Support Your Budget

Experiencing budget constraints? At Ontario Honey Creations, we understand that every wedding, just like every budget, is unique. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding with close family or an extravagant party for a substantial guest list, we provide various honey favour sizes to help you find an option that suits your budget. You can review our sizing options here.

6) Our Customizable Labels Will Reflect Your Taste

Adding your own flair to your honey favours is easy through the choice of your desired label or sending in your custom label. We’ll take it from there, making any modifications needed and ensuring your labels are to your satisfaction before printing and applying them to your honey jars.


By incorporating honey favours into your celebrations, you are making a meaningful impact on honeybee populations while treating your guests to a delicious and thoughtful gift. Make your special day more buzzworthy by learning more about our honey favours here!