Spring Blossom Honey

Our honey is 100% raw and unpasteurized, meaning that all of the natural enzymes and local pollen are still present in our honey. 

We pride ourselves on offering seasonal terroir honey, where you can taste the uniqueness of the flowers in bloom. Terroir is a term often used to describe the taste of food based on various factors like weather conditions, soil, and relating to honey, the various flowers in bloom. You will find that all of our honey is labeled with both region and season. We do not mix our honey harvests together. Each harvest is kept separate to savour the uniqueness between the various bee yards. 

Our current bee yards can be found in: 


Headwaters is a region about an hour north of Toronto that includes Hockley Valley, Mono, Caledon, Mulmur, Orangeville and Amaranth.

Rouge Valley

Starting in the Oak Ridges Moraine and moving south to Lake Ontario, Rouge Valley is a mix of rural, agricultural, park land and suburban development located in the eastern GTA.

Toronto (Toronto Bee Rescue)

Toronto is the largest city in Canada with numerous ravines and green spaces providing unique non-agricultural nectar sources. The honey bees in these yards are the rescued colonies we have collected throughout the GTA.