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HiveMinders Small Batch Meads

What Is Mead?

Common Questions

Surprisingly, our Mead is not overly sweet. The fermentation process consumes most of the sugar in the honey - resulting in a smooth beverage.

The taste of Mead is dependent on the flavour of honey used, as well as the fruit added to it. Depending on the bottle, it can taste similar to a white wine, fruit wine, or cider.

When trying Mead for the first time, choose one flavoured with a fruit you are familiar with or either Sweet/Dry. Similar to Craft Beer, Mead comes in a variety of flavours - find your taste today.

Neither, Mead is in its own category, although it is most often compared to wine. Mead also has many subtypes such as Braggot, Melomel, Cyser, and Metheglin. Learn more here.